It’s an easy way to attract a real audience to your account. There are two ways of massliking: by hashtag or by list of accounts. You create a hashtag list and Tooligram automatically likes the users’ pictures with chosen hashtags. With the special feature, “List of users”, you can collect users according to the interest of your business for Tooligram automated massliking. It’s the best way to attract target audience to your account.

This feature is very similar to the previous one. It works similarly but instead of liking the users account, it follows it. So the user pays attention to your account and follows you back. You get maximum results by combining these two features.
This feature unfollows accounts you don’t need. You can easily unfollow users who don’t follow you back and keep your subscription list at the same level.

Account Manager
You can promote your service with several accounts. if you promote client accounts, you can manage several projects with Tooligram
List of users
The most interesting feature of Tooligram, where you can accumulate users according to your business

Options for collecting users:
- parsing followers of your competitors
- geolocation
- hashtags
- active users (for example, those who liked or commented on competitors photos)
- hashtag and geolocation audience analysis
- filtering by quantity of followers, subscriptions, avatars, most recent post, gender and quantity of posts)

This feature displays all activity on your account.
You can automatically thank users for their pictures or «like» their posts. It would attract users to your account and in conjunction with the massliking and massfollowing features, it would increase follow-back and comment activity for your account.

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